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Artists in Residence

Art in the Parks is the Artist in Residence program for the state parks in North Dakota.

In Bismark, on the 18th floor of the capital building on Thrusday January 12, 2023, there was a recieption for 10 years of the program. I feel very fortunate to be chosen for the program. I had a residency in 2018 at Lewis and Clark state park. It just happened to be the hottest week of the year 109 degrees, so thank goodness for an airconditioned cabin! I had the whole morning to wonder the park to view nature and take in the beauty of the park. In the afternoon I hibernated in the cabin and in the evening would paint, and visit with people. It was so amazing to be able to focus on art for a whole week with. I would love to do 2 of these a year!

My work, Driftwood.

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