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Terri Berg
Accomplished Artist
Art Coordinator

I have always been creative and loved color. It wasn’t until my late 30’s, when I took a watercolor class, that my passion for art was ignited.  Since then, I have been exploring a variety of mediums and techniques on my own. Working with clay, acrylic paint, pastel, watercolor, and oil pastels has been satisfying.  I have created works in Abstract, Swedish style, Rosemaling, and Folk Painting. My favorite medium is oil paint because it allows you to achieve richer colors as well as thicker textures. My preferred subject is landscape as there are so many colors and textures in nature that are amazing to recreate. Being creative gives me a feeling of joy and tranquility, which I can get lost in for hours!


Over the years, I have sold quite a few of my art pieces, which is truly humbling. The fact that someone likes my creations enough to display them in their home, wow!

I taught in the Grand Forks Public School System as an "Artist in the Classroom" Teacher for 15 years. Through this program, I created lessons that were age-appropriate, educational, and that followed state guidelines to meet the Elementary Art Curriculum Standards. I worked extensively with teachers and students to nurture art knowledge, art appreciation.

For 3 summers, I developed and executed art lessons for middle and high school students at the International Music Camp at the International Peace Gardens. The encouragement of free-flowing creation is my favorite aspect of the job.


I developed, coordinated and executed the lessons for the Art Therapy Program at Valley Memorial Homes and Good Samaritan Heritage Homes; created and taught art lessons for individuals with disabilities through VSA of North Dakota and The Listen Center; as well as adults through the University of North Dakota, the Adult Education Program of North Dakota and Minnesota, Cancer Center of North Dakota and private lessons.

In 2015, I opened my own company, Touch of Art With Terri. I focused on art parties, traveling to private homes and bringing all supplies for each guest to create artwork. I specialized in; children's parties, family reunions, ladies' nite out, bachelorette parties, baby showers, corporate events, etc. I am excited to say I am in the process of opening this company in Minnesota.

Since moving to Hopkins, I have worked with Young Rembrandts, Minnetonka Community Center, Lakeville Community Center, and Kiddywampas. I have been involved with summer camps, birthday parties, after-school drawing classes, teen art exploration, adult painting classes, and senior art classes. 


It is through these programs that I have inspired others to be creative, which truly makes me happy!


"There are no such things as mistakes in art, only happy accidents", which is my favorite thing to tell my students. My youngest student was 3 and my oldest was 108, you are never too old or young to begin creating! 


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