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Happy  oil paint on a wooden plate.              Sold 

 Purple   photograph of flowers in the International Peace Garden. 9x12 on photo paper   **  $75.00

Early Fall  watercolor pencil on paper                         Sold

 Floating in Purple  oil pastel on paper  12x15                                                             $95.00

Red & Green Succulent  
oil pastel on velvet paper 12x12                                         $95.00


Lucky Spring  acrylic on canvas                Sold

Taylor the Latte Boy  oil pastel on music paper                 Sold

Big City Lights  acrylic on canvas   24x36   **                          $175.00


Calla  oil pastel on canvas board  13x14

Partridge Family Bus  oil pastel on canvas board                   Sold


Poppies   oil pastel on paper 20x24                                      $195.00

Seahorse  acrylic & oil pastel on canvas  20x25        $145.00    

Wildflowers   watercolor  framed 15x19                                        $155.00

Ru De Calorie   oil on canvas                Sold

Flora acrylic on wood panel 12x12
**                    $75.00

 Trees of a Different Color  oil pastel        Sold

Flora in Green  acrylic on wood panel 12x12    **  $75.00

Forrest in Blue  acrylic on canvas- painted upside down. 31x25       $150.00

Ghost Trees acrylic on canvas 18x21                           $85.00

Blue Flower  watercolor 17x21

Zen acrylic on canvas 10x10               **   $50.00

Primary Garden acrylic on canvas 10x10  **      $50.00

Tropical Flower alcohol ink on tile 8x8   **      $50.00

Green & Black  oil pastel 8x10  $50.00

Little Abby (abstract) watercolor 6x9                          $45.00

You're Out   oil pastel on "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" music paper.8x10     $45.00

Wild Flowers  oil pastel 12x15                              $50.00

Waterfall   oil pastel on topographical map paper 12x15              $55.00

Sunflower oil pastel on canvas board 12x15   $60.00

Funky Flowers  oil pastel 18x22                                                $85.00

Jellies  watercolor 15x18                                  $75.00

Holiday Greenery  oil pastel on velvet 15x18                              $95.00

Little Loonie  acrylic on canvas 12x12  **          $70.00

End of the Tunnel  watercolor 13x16     $60.00

Everybody   oil pastel on music paper 11x13              $75.00

Psychedelic Callas  acrylic on canvas  36x48       **                       $325.00

Mother Nature in a Tree acrylic 10x12                     $95.00

Psyco  watercolor & acrylic 12x15             $60.00

Monochromatic   watercolor 13x15       $95.00

Bird of Paradise   oil pastel on velvet 19x17                        $95.00

Flowers on Orange   acrylic on canvas painted with cake decorating tools 20x24                         $175.00

Women  oil pastel on canvas board 15x18

Sunflower.2   oil pastel 11x14                                       $50.00

Space Traveler  acrylic on canvas  13x13   **   $85.00

Garden Path  oilpastel   23x18

Peacock   acrylic on canvas painted with a palette knife 15x18     $125.00

Fun Flowers  acrylic on canvas board painted with cake decorating tools 19x15                                           $95.00

Circle Flowers in Red Black & White acrylic on canvas 22x18    $115.00

Minnesota Birch oil on canvas painted with a palette knife 16x27      $185.00

Fire & Ice  acrylic on canvas painted with a palette knife 11x14   **      $115.00

State Park Tree oil pastel on velvet 15x19                                $95.00

Green & Black  oil pastel 9x12    $40.00

Sunshine     acrylic  17x21           $130.00

Vine with Berries  metallic acrylic on fabric  13x18                                    $85.00

Mother Nature oil paint on canvas 24x36   $290.00

Calla Lily  watercolor 13x16                                                  $155.00

Love   acrylic on canvas board with a palette knife 15x19                                       SOLD

Pretty Petals  flower pounding & ink 17x23                                       SOLD

O Tannenbaum  acrylic on canvas board        SOLD

Forrest on Fire    acrylic on canvas 31x26                                     $110.00

Butterfly That Won't Flutter By  oil pastel on canvas 14x18     $65.00

Winter Tree acrylic on canvas   13x13                       $95.00    

Million Quack March     oil pastel 12x21                   $90.00

Covered Bridge   SOLD     

**  unframed

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